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Expert advice for your online marketing meetings and pitches

Tips for successful online meetings and pitches shared by our four experienced African marketers:
If you are the host, have clear objectives for the meeting and ensure that the theme is clear. Allocate time for each agenda item and stick to the agenda.
Respect everyone’s time by starting and ending the meeting on time, as well as sticking to the agenda. If there are new matters arising, set up another time for a new meeting. Always join the meeting 10 minutes before the call starts to test your camera angles. The maximum acceptable time for an online engagement is two hours, anything
longer than that and you run the risk losing the attention of your audience.
When hosting a meeting, choose a quiet spot in your home and a time when there is less commotion. Always
mute your microphone and only unmute yourself when it is your turn to speak. If you have a burning question
before the Q&A session, use the chat functionality to ask questions without interrupting the flow of the meeting.
Set up a professional background that will not distract people. If you have photos, paintings, illustrations or books behind you, ensure that they are tasteful and will not divert attention from the meeting when your camera is on.
Sit upright, maintain a professional posture and maintain direct eye contact throughout the meeting. Slouching can come across as being disengaged.
Before an online meeting or pitch, make sure your face is not too shiny and your hair is not unkempt. When you look relaxed and professional, your audience will also develop trust and take you seriously.
Encourage everyone on the call to keep their cameras on during the first five minutes of the pitch to forge
connections. When you address the meeting, always keep your camera on so as to be better understood.
Ensure that your presentations are well-researched, to the point and not too busy. Always keep your sentences
short and action-oriented to maintain your audience’s attention.
During the meeting, refer to people by their names and ask them questions. This encourages participants to
remain engaged and also contribute to the discussion.
At the end of the call, summarise key points and actions before adjourning the meeting. Don’t assume that people will remember what was discussed and is expected of them.
Invest in high-speed Wi-Fi from two service providers to ensure that you always have back up and are always
available online during office hours, particularly when working from home.
These are common throughout most parts of the continent. Invest in alternative energy sources for the
convenience of doing business from home and avoid having to reschedule important meetings due to load
shedding. Always ensure that your gadgets are fully charged in advance. If possible, invest in back-up power sources.
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