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Introduction, Vision and Mission

The Zambia Institute of Marketing is a professional marketing Institution that was established by an Act of Parliament No. 2 of 2022 to regulate, promote, uphold and improve the standards of training, practice and professional competence of persons and organisations engaged in marketing and advertising in Zambia.

The Institute is also the sole examiner and certifier of the ZIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and the ZIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing in Zambia. The Institute is affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and the Minister of the said Ministry serves as Patron.


“To regulate the standards of Marketing Practice through Marketing Information, Dissemination, Education and Interaction for the fulfilment of all stakeholders’ aspirations and needs.”


“A culture of Excellence and Sustainable Marketing Practice in Zambia”


“To achieve excellence in marketing practice”

Core Values

      • Integrity
      • Commitment
      • Respect
      • Fairness
      • Harmony
      • Service
      • Excellence

ZIM Secretariat

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