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The Zambia Institute of Marketing is an examining body for the ZIM Professional Diploma in Marketing

As an examining body the Zambia Institute of Marketing has been exploring ways and means of raising the education standards in the profession of marketing

As mandated by the ZIM Act, among the responsibilities of the Institute are to promote the general advancement of the marketing profession and related disciplines, and to promote, uphold and improve the standards of training, practice and professional competence of persons engaged in marketing in Zambia

As an examining body, the Institute examines and certifies the ZIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, a professional qualification that at the moment is the ultimate qualification offered by the Institute. This is a professional qualification which was adopted from the Government after ZIM was enacted by an Act of Parliament to regulate the practice of marketing in Zambia. The Zambia Institute of Marketing uses the Professional Diploma in Marketing as a benchmark for all other professional marketing qualifications.

In its quest to offer an advanced qualification and also to create the opportunity for members holding non-marketing degrees to upgrade to Full membership, the Institute felt that another professional qualification of higher status be introduced. The ZIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing was developed to fulfil the demands for a progression route for those doing the ZIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, and as a marketing bridging course for holders of degrees to attain full membership of the Institute. The design of the postgraduate diploma was centred on ensuring that there was a full thrust of marketing courses only at a high level to give adequate scope for those encountering marketing for the first time to be able to grasp the major concepts and be able to practice without any difficulty

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