Thursday, May 30, 2024

Commerce Minister challenges ZIM to enforce the ACT

Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry, Hon Chipoka Mulenga MP has challenged the Zambia Institute of Marketing to enforce the ZIM Act. He said this when the Council of the Zambia Institute of Marketing paid a courtesy call on him on Wednesday 12th April 2023. Mr. Mulenga emphasized the need to have order in the marketing field especially in the outdoor advertising space. The Billboards are clustered all over the country which compromised the visibility for road users. The Minister emphasized that ZIM needed to take a leading role in ensuring that the country was well marketed and that there was order in the way Zambian businesses advertised their products and services.

ZIM President Mwewa Besa reassured the Minister that ZIM was equal to the task of enforcing the ZIM Act as it was Law. He stated that the Zambia Institute of Marketing had an advertising standards Board which was responsible for ensuring that all stakeholders in the various sectors were compliant to the standards. Mr. Besa also informed the Minister that ZIM had an Inspectorate Unit which had started making corporate visits to ensure compliance to the ACT and that people who were masquerading as Marketers would be brought to book

ZIM Secretariat

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